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How to cook our produce

Whether you're a seasoned chef or brand new to the kitchen, here are some helpful tips and recipes for you to nourish yourself deliciously. Click the photos below.



A South Asian root vegetable, Kohlrabi can be roasted in the oven, stir-fried, or shredded raw and eaten like coleslaw.


swiss chard

Swiss Chard is a cooking green popular in Mediterranean cuisine that's high in antioxidants and great for heart health.



Boc, Pak, Joy -- the many varieties of choy! Preparing choy can be as easy as stir-frying, or for more crunch, we love them oven-roasted.



They're not as scary as they look! Radishes are zingy, crunchy, and add the perfect punch of flavor to any meal.




Mustard greens have an invigoratingly spicy flavor, and their tender leaves make them quick to cook.



Fennel looks like a cross between celery and dill, but its flavor reminds us of licorice or anise. Slice finely to add another dimension to your salads.

edible flowers

Not just for the vase on the kitchen table, flowers are moving from the centerpiece to the dinner plate.



One of the most popular varieties of nightshade, eggplant's alluring purple hues and creamy texture make it a favorite for main courses.


green onions

Why just eat the onion root when you can enjoy the tops, too? They're great raw as a garnish, or click the photo for an easy stir-fry recipe.


squash blossom

Squash blossoms are the flowers of squash plants, and can bloom on both summer and winter squash. They're the perfect shape for stuffing.



Lemongrass is a fragrant, grassy plant that can make or break a Thai curry. Or, dry it, chop it, and make it into an herbal tea infusion.


salad mix

The best way to eat your greens is raw, of course. Click the photo above for inspiration on how to spice up your salads.


Kale is dense in nutrients and delicious in flavor, so it's no wonder this curly leafy green is all the rage.



Turnips may seem like a food that's gone out of style, but we love them for their hearty texture and their sweet but bitter flavor. 


summer squash

In Miami, we grow summer squash in the wintertime. There are lots of unique-looking varieties, and plenty of ways to prepare them.


dino kale

Also known as lacinato kale or black kale, dinosaur kale's pebbled leaves and rich flavor will have you leaving your other leafy greens extinct. 



Beets are high in vitamin C and fiber. Their earthy flavor and beautiful, blood-red color makes them a stand-out root vegetable.