Meet the Team

We're the faces that grow your food. Nice to meet you!


Moses Kashem


Moses is the founder of the Urban Vegetable Project and an Administrator with Upward Bound Math-Science. Born and raised in Miami with Italian and Bengali parents, he strives to incorporate culturally diversified methods into his agricultural practices. Previously on his way to becoming a doctor, Moses was inspired to devote his career to farming and obtained his Bachelor's of Science in Biology. When he's not in the fields, you can find him working on cars, welding, and boxing.


Mary Johnson


A third-generation native Miamian, Mary's unique understanding of Miami's landscapes fuels her passion for providing her neighborhoods with fresh food. Her role at the farm involves carefully orchestrating the CSA program, as well as managing outreach, communications, and partnerships. Mary obtained her Bachelor's of Arts at FIU, and is currently pursuing her Graduate degree in nature-society relations with a concentration on localized food systems.


Nynne Louise-Bach


I’m Nynne, 31 years old and from Denmark. I have a masters degree in environmental planning and at the moment I’m studying to be a gardener. It’s key to me to farm in a way that harms nature as little as possible and I’m very interested in local food systems. Seeing so many new initiatives with young people choosing to farm sustainably gives me hope for the future. I’m pleased to join the team at Urban Vegetable Project to learn and get inspired.

When I’m not gardening I do knitting, yoga, mediation and beekeeping. In my third year as a beekeeper I’m taking care of six beautiful bee families in my garden.